Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soup Swap!

I met a lovely group of food activists at an organic farmers conference in Texas, and one of them introduced me to the Soup Swap concept. It goes like this: you cook up a big ole pot of soup, enough for several quarts, and package the soup in your quart size containers. ( And if you don't have any quart size containers, come to my house because they are seriously taking over. No joke, I have, like, 50 of 'em and I think they are planning a mutiny because I shove them in this overcrowded draw with all manner of plastic tupperware-like things, and the conditions are horrible. I mean, overcrowded, dirty, dark, dank, you name it. I don't know how long these guys are gonna hold out - it's a travesty of justice and somebody needs to do something.)

So I have a lot of these containers, because I eat a lot of yogurt, so if you need any, let me know and I'll hook you up.

So you come to the designated Soup Swap location (which may one day be my house, aka Chateau Breadbox), with your several quarts of soup, and also don't forget to print up copies of your soup recipe. Then you "swap your soup" with the other party-goers, and you get to bring home a bevy of delectable soups and have new recipes. (Just don't forget your soup, otherwise I will have way more soup than I can handle, plus I will not have solved my quart-size-container-overpopulation issue, and that situation, as per my earlier parenthetical interlude, is seriously about to explode. No joke, we are in some dire straits here.)

Anyways, anyone in for a Soup Swap?

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